Automate Your Accounts Receivable Process

Your revenue cycle management platform that will boost your collections rate, improve staff efficiency by providing modern, mobile-based payment solutions.

Modern AR process for a modern office

You have a modern office. You are paperless for the most part. Why are you still sending paper statements? Ditch the printer, stamps and say bye bye to paper cuts. PbN will modernize your whole Accounts Receivables process reducing waste and improving your patient experience better. 

Practice by Numbers has allowed us to collect on outstanding accounts with a few clicks!

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Hours Saved Each month


Increase in patient collections

Accounts Receivable, Automated

Paperless workflow for your Accounts Receivables.

A/R Automation

Allow our system to identify patients who need to be followed up with for their pending balance

Structured Patient Outreach

Follow-up on pending balances with patients with friendly text and email notifications to prompt payment.

Reduce barrier to payment

Allow patients to easily pay on any device within a few clicks.

Practice Management Integration

Patient balances are pulled directly from your PMS. All payments are written directly into your PMS with any interaction from your staff.

How Payments Works

PbN removes the need for running, printing, folding and mailing statements every month. 


Patient Identified.

Patients with outstanding balances are automatically identified and added to scheduled follow-ups. PbN allows practices to exclude patients based pending insurance claims, age and account types.


Patient Contacted.

PBN personalizes the payment messages with friendly, persistent, notifications that can be futher customized for each patient by uploading a statement pdf.


Patient Pays.

PbN reducing the hassle of making a payment by allowing patients to self-pay from any device with modern payment methods. Funds are deposited directly to your practice bank account.



PbN will help accelerate cash flow for your practice by providing patients a superior payment experience on any device. It does this while saving office staff valuable time that can then be further to improve patient experience. PbN also easily integrates with leading practice management software with a two-way connection that keeps your team smiling.

Practice Benefits

Boost Patients Collection Rate by 30%+

Patients gets billed automatically and in a timely manner.

Reduce A/R related overhead

No need to print and mail statements each month.

Reduce Errors

Two-way integration into PMS insures less human errors.

Patient Benefits

Pay from any device

Patients can now pay directly from their smart phones or tablets.

Save Credit cards

Patients are able to save their payments methods for future payments.

Pay over-time

Patients are able to make partial patients towards their balance.

Get paid faster

Get paid faster by automating the start of your accounts receivable follow-ups. A common reason why patients don’t pay is because they don’t receive a bill in a timely manner.

PBN’s follow-ups engine sends patients messages at the right time over multiple channels to get their attention.

Immediate Billing

No more wating till the end of the month to run statements. Our sw will constantly scan who needs to be contacted regarding their account.

Persistent Patient Follow-ups

Our sw will continue to follow-up with patients till they pay. It will even track if they opened or clicked on the payment link.

Patient Follow-ups

Friendly, branded and persistent follow-ups is the key to getting patients to respond.

Be email or text, outstanding receivables communication needs to be prompt, concise and persistent. Allow patients to take immediate action. 


Custom templates

Customize each follow-up so the right message is being sent to patient at the right time. 


Track collection attempts

Clearly see how many attempts have been made to collect an outstanding payment for debt collection purposes. 

Mobile Payments

Make it easy for patients to pay

Did you know most patients want to be able to make payments on their mobile device? By allowing them to make a quick payment on their phones you are reducing the barriers to payments. 


Pay within a few clicks

Your mobile payment portal will be branded with your logo and will allow patients to pay within a few clicks. 


Multiple payment methods

Allow patients to pay by credit cards or ACH. Google and Apply wallet will be added shortly. 


PCI compliance

PCI compliance with PbN payments will keep you out of trouble. With our sw, you don’t need to ask patients for their credit cards over the phone, keep excel files or sticky notes with sensitive information floating around.  


Pay within a few clicks

Your mobile payment portal will be branded with your logo and will allow patients to pay within a few clicks. 


Financial Information

Your mobile payment portal will be branded with your logo and will allow patients to pay within a few clicks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to use PbN Payments?

    PbN Payments is an included feature within our PracticeIQ bundle. You don’t need to pay anything extra to have access to our AR automation platform if you are already a bundle user.

  • How much credit card fees does PbN charge?

    PbN Payments costs the practices only 1% of payments run through our platform. Your patients are charged a convenience fee which is fixed at 2.9%+30 cents for each transaction. For example, if the patient owes $100, they will be charged $103.30 after including convenience fees. PbN will charge 1% from the net amount of $100 resulting in $99 being transferred to the practice.

  • Is charging convenience fees legal in my state?

    We cannot give you legal advice if it is legal to surcharge your patients in your state or not. Please consult with your attorney to see if this feature is right for you.

  • Some of our patients are unwilling to pay convenience fees. What shall we tell them?

    It is getting more and more accepted for credit card fees are being charged to consumers. It is after all these consumers who are asking for more and more rewards from the credit card companies which is in return driving up credit card fees. We recommend you ask these patients to mail in their payments or stop by the office.

  • Can PbN not just charge my practice the credit card fees?

    No, not at this point. We are looking into integrating more credit card processors and this will become an option in the future.

  • How does PbN pay my practice?

    PbN will transfer funds to your practice account using ACH. By default, all practices are set up to receive payments in 2 business days.

  • How many follow-ups can do with a patient?

    PbN will allow you to add 10 automated follow-ups. After these follow-ups are complete, you will have to option of restarting the follow-ups or sending a one-time collections follow-up.

  • Can individual follow-ups be customized?

    Yes, you can customize the message of each follow-up. By default, all follow-ups will have the same message but you can customize them as needed for your practice’s workflow.

  • Does PbN post payments automatically?

    Yes, PbN will automatically post all patient’s payments to their ledger. If payment sync fails for any reason, PbN will alert you in the action center about a failed payment sync. PbN has to-way integrations with Dentrix (G7.2 and higher), OpenDental (20 and higher), and Eaglesoft (17 and higher).

  • Does PbN keep track of all balance-related communications?

    Yes, PbN will keep copies of all SMS and email communications sent to the patient regarding their outstanding balance.