The key to being a great CEO anywhere is the ability to have a grasp on all areas of the business – and in your case, the practice – to identify areas that are working well and where there’s need for improvement.

Run Your Practice
Like a True CEO

The key to being a great CEO anywhere is the ability to have a grasp on all areas of the business – and in your case, the practice – to identify areas that are working well and where there’s need for improvement.

But as a busy dental practice owner, you have patients to see, hygienists and office staff to manage, and countless other obligatory tasks large and small that come with the pressures of being a business owner.

That’s why Practice By Numbers has created the ultimate comprehensive suite of technologies and software that are required for a dental practice to run smoothly and more efficiently while helping you make smarter decisions for your practice that result in you being able to maximize your ROI throughout various channels.

Get 600+ Dashboards with
Need-to-Know Information
– All At a Glance

Your office manager doesn’t have time to become a data scientist, so our software does the hard work for you

Through customizable, action-oriented dashboards and data, you can quickly and easily compare current numbers to past numbers over any time range. With over 600 KPIs to choose from and the ability to customize each and any one to your own, the options are endless–and the data you need to see is available for you 24/7 – right at your fingertips.


Zachary Dan Soard

I love it! I have it in all 3 of my offices! They have me paired with mango which gave me a great discount. We switched over from weave. The all in bundle is a lot but if you are able to use all the services then makes total sense!

Deliver Exceptional Patient Communication and a Positive Patient Experience, Every Time

Marketing your practice involves much more than a standard direct mailer or your website.

Through Practice By Numbers’ marketing solutions, you get a comprehensive program that communicates with patients in a timely and personalized manner – reminding them of upcoming appointments, sending them birthday wishes, following up on unscheduled treatment, sending post-operative instructions, and even reactivating old patients.

Each and every patient in your practice will have a clear communication plan so you can finally shut the back door and stop losing patients.


Clifford Yudelman

Awesome. I love PbN. The new look and feel, customisation, marketing iq, phone iq, email campaigns… Never ending. Very stable and nothing compares. We’ve found a way to integrate incoming enquiries and are implementing it. No more Active Campaign, hubspot etc. Everything will be through PbN and OD

Acquire New Patients (And Track Where They Came From!)

One of the first things a prospective new patient will look at when deciding which dentist to go to will be their online reviews. What does your online presence say about your practice? What kind of impression does it make?

With Practice By Numbers, we help you get ahead of the curve by encouraging your existing patients to leave a 5-star review about your practice right after their appointment, so new patients can see what it’s like to have you as their dentist.

Plus, with call-tracking, you can then easily see which campaigns are working so you can maximize your marketing ROI and success. These insights help you better understand which marketing efforts are generating the most activity, and help you better understand where you should keep spending money – and where to cut back.

Michael Lee

Its been a great experience for us. I left 3 services so far. The Open Dental Integration has been rock solid. Every time I look up they are adding or I am learning about different features.

Keep Accountability and Profitability High

While you may have high-level goals for office productivity, it can be difficult for staff and office managers to translate this into day-to-day behaviors and tasks.

With Practice By Numbers, you can set up custom dashboards with goals the staff need to meet to ensure you are all on the same page. The software provides actionable items so that everyone can ensure they’re on the same page, achieving the same goals.

10 Reasons Dentists Prefer Practice By Numbers

Gone are the days when you have to waste time managing multiple vendors. Practice By Numbers delivers a comprehensive solution so you can have a seamless experience. Learn about Practice IQ.


Easily uncover revenue opportunities.


Get actionable data that creates tasks automatically – saving office staff time.


Deliver timely patient communications to strengthen relationships and encourage patient loyalty.


Enhance your online reputation through positive patient reviews with automatic prompts after an appointment.


Quickly identify patients with pending treatment plans to schedule their appointments.


Instantly run in-depth analysis and generate call lists for staff and track their progress.


Keep all of your sensitive patient information in one single, HIPAA-compliant, trusted system.


Instantly receive patient information with tracked calling for an optimal experience.


Get a trusted and comprehensive software that shows you the true ROI of all aspects of your practice.


We know our stuff; our founders have started dental practices themselves, and know what is required to run an office smoothly.


Dr Loeta Robles

I like receiving daily emails from Practice by Numbers showing me the numbers without me being there; even when I am on vacation. Our team could not function without the information from Practice by Numbers.

Our Story

Practice By Numbers came from a dentist who also started her own dental practice and 2 data scientists.

The founders identified that there wasn’t a good software that could help them truly get inside the details they wanted and needed in order to run their practice smoothly. From there, grew Practice By Numbers.

Practice By Numbers gives dentists the ability to see real, valuable data and metrics that are needed to ensure the health of any dental practice. It makes getting inside the information easy, and because it’s customizable, dentists can decide what information they want to view at a glance.

See for yourself why thousands of dentists trust Practice By Numbers.