Why Multi-Practice Owners and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) Prefer Practice By Numbers

3 or 300, we got you covered

Multi-practice owners and DSOs juggle a unique set of obstacles and opportunities, day in, and day out. From conquering how to scale properly, to managing staff in multiple locations – the technology you put in place can make or break the ease of your day, the success of your practice, and the overall health of your patients.

With Practice By Numbers, whether you have 3 offices or 300, you’re in good hands with the right technology that adds transparency, accountability, and scalability into the things you do each and every day.


Practice by Numbers makes it easy for you to get up and running in as little as 1 day.

Top 6 Reasons Why Multi-Practice Providers and DSOs Trust Practice By Numbers More Than Any Other Provider

Here are the top 6 reasons why multi-practice providers and DSOs trust Practice By Numbers over other solutions available on the market today:


Easier to scale

You don’t have time to go through nitty-gritty reports and compare them across various locations. That’s why we make it easy for you to bring all of your reporting, numbers, and analytics into one unified space. Learn more about our enterprise dashboard


See various practice data all at a glance

We help you bring all of your various pieces of data together in one unified place so you can get full access control to enterprise dashboards, drill-down reporting, and more. Learn more


A centralized call center space

Through our software you can have centralized incoming and outgoing calls for all patients where you may make notes, do follow-ups, and more without having to login to individual practice locations. Learn more about call tracking


Streamline communications

Typically, if you have various office locations, you’ll have to login to each location to make an appointment with a patient. But, if you’re using Practice By Numbers, you can simply switch between practices and easily schedule an appointment – without VPN or extra hassle. Learn more


Transparency across the practices

Because our software shows visibility across all of your practices, other areas of the business, like Accounts receivable, can easily follow up on claims, make notes on a patient file, and more, all without the need for a VPN or the need to switch office locations. Learn more


A complete and comprehensive view into progress

Whether you’re looking for a birds eye view of how each practice is performing, or you want to double-click into additional information, Practice By Numbers gives you the flexibility and details that you need with just a few clicks. Plus, uncover hidden revenue opportunities with this unique feature.

You need numbers to tell your clients how their practice is performing. We make this easy, worthwhile, and cost-effective.

At Practice By Numbers, we help you get a competitive advantage over other dental consultants as you access a cost-effective software that enables you to include the practice by numbers solution as part of your service offering without negatively impacting your bottom line.

By delivering a seamless service, transparency, and greater depth of data – you can deliver a superior service to your clients that keeps them loyal to you and your business.

Cost-effective Solution Done Right

Practice By Numbers is built to be affordable, so you can include PracticeIQ as part of your differentiation strategy while still maximizing your bottom line.99% of the time.isn’t – to make smarter decisions for your practice in the future.

Maximize Efficiency with Reliable Data

Relying on staff to send you numbers can be clunky and cumbersome, so Practice By Numbers streamlines these tasks so you can easily come prepared to weekly and monthly client calls.

Set Goals for Clients in One Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Remove the barriers to reporting and data analysis through one easy-to-use dashboard so you can see key metrics all at-a-glance. Help clients easily identify what areas are doing well, where there are opportunities to improve, and how to set goals to ensure alignment.