Patient Insurance

Insurance Verification for Modern Offices.

How much time do you spend verifying each patient’s insurance benefits? Our bulk insurance verification will save you hours every week. 

We integrate with your practice software

Our Payer Integrations Includes:

Blue Cross Dental, Kaiser, Aetna Dental, Delta Dental, Humana, Cigna, MetLife, Humana, United Healthcare and more.

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Fully Integrated

Work Effortlessly and Directly From Your Daily Appointments Schedule

Work Effortlessly and Directly From Your Daily Appointments Schedule


View daily schedule of patients at once


Perfect for your existing dental software


In-network benefits (co-payment amount)


Take seconds out of your day to verify patients

Helpful Features

What Our Dental Insurance Verification Report Includes

What Our Dental Insurance Verification Report Includes 

Accurate Date of coverage

Date of terminated coverage

In-network benefits (co-payment amount)

Deductible requirements

Complete Snapshot of key areas of your insurance verification

Stop wasting time on mundane tasks

Bulk verify your whole day

With our bulk insurance verification, you can verify all patients for a day in advance. This saves you time and results in reduced denied claims.

Unlimited verifications

With unlimited verification, it makes sense to verify every patient for every appointment. There are not exceses for denied claims because of terminated policies.

Instantly syncs with your

Each successful verification is written automatically as a pdf to your PMS’s document center for easy access and record keeping.

Claim back your wasted hours
Spend more time serving your patients

Spend time with each patient discussing other forms of treatment that can be implemented during their visit. This could include transferring an existing crown to an implant, or offering teeth whitening treatments. Having up-to-date skills and knowledge of the latest dental procedures is always a plus!

Maximizing production per visit is critical in running an efficient dental practice. Taking steps to improve your team’s productivity not only benefits the practice, but it also enhances the overall patient experience. From improving patient communication to efficient scheduling and upselling cosmetic treatments, there are a multitude of strategies that dental professionals can use to increase production per visit. Utilizing the tips outlined here is a surefire way to improve the value of each patient visit while increasing profitability. 

Remember to measure your progress regularly, track your production per visit, and adjust your strategies as needed. With the right mindset and approach, you can succeed in achieving your production per visit goals and growing your dental practice.