Easily Engage with Potential New and Existing Patients Right on Your Website with Webchat

Webchat delivers a simple, seamless, and intuitive way for your website visitors to easily engage with you and your practice – in an instant.


Uttam Dham

Practice by Numbers is much cheaper and does the same stuff as Dental intel. Honestly I feel Dental Intel is way expensive specially if you have a small practice. If you have a practice. A larger practice may be a different situation


From New Website Visitors
to Patients At Your Practice

Webchat helps website visitors instantly get their questions answered so they don’t lose any momentum when it comes to contacting your practice.

With webchat, your practice can answer questions, schedule appointments, and deliver friendly, personable, and customized interactions with potential new patients on your website. The best part? You’re not tied to a live chat and neither are your patients – instead, you can communicate with them even after they leave your website.

Your Website Visitors
Will Enjoy:

Text confirmations that their webchat was received

A seamless way to communicate with your practice and get the answers they want, quickly

Better customer experience

Communicating with your practice in the way they most prefer

You and Your Office
Staff Will Enjoy:

Ability to route webchats to team members or other locations

Flexibility and customizations in auto – responders for holidays, after – hours, weekends, and more

Back end data and analytics that tells you key information about how the chats are performing

Alerts anytime a Webchat is received


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Deliver Exceptional Customer
Service While Putting Less
Pressure on Office Staff

Webchat delivers various features that will benefit both your office staff and current and new patients. Here’s just a few of the many great things you’ll enjoy with webchat:

Customize Your

You can customize the messages themselves, the fonts used, and colors so that the messages reflect your practice’s branding.

Seamless Setup

We do the heavy lifting for you and will get your practice setup in under a day.

Never Miss a Patient

You’ll get alerted each time you receive a webchat so you can quickly reply to an inquiry.

Chat With Anyone,

Whether you have millions of visitors or are just talking to one person, Webchat can handle whatever you throw at it.


With a group chat feature, you can get the right people in on an inquiry immediately. Group chat’s feature enables one or more staff chat with a single visitor at once time.

Track Your

You get unique insights into the details on how your visitors are interacting with your website, webchat, and more to see what’s working and where there’s room for growth.

Deliver Personalized
– Or Automated –

Whether you’re online and able to provide a personal response, or want to set automated responses for FAQs like office hours, the software is tailored to fit your needs.


You can easily transfer conversations with a visitor from one practice location to another in just a few simple steps.

Track Staff

In addition to delivering a better customer experience, you can also see and compare each employee’s response times and conversations managed and make adjustments where necessary.