Supercharge your front office. Say hello to Kiosk patient check-ins.

Having a digital kiosk at reception will streamline your office check-ins, promote additional privacy, and make it easy for patients to fill out any needed forms.

Effortless front desk check-in for
your patient visitors.

Custom branded kiosk

From any iPad, tablet or desktop, you can welcome patients to your office with a user-friendly Kiosk, personalized with your office logo and colors.

Double security login via PIN verify.

Register unlimited iPads or Tablets using two-factor authentication. Protect PHI and patient’s peace of mind.

Instant access to patient forms

Patients will be notified upon check-in if they have any pending forms and can fill them out right from the kiosk.

Wow your patients with a great first impression.


Showcase your office’s cutting edge technology.


Easy login and simple user interface, even for less tech savvy patients.


Instantly notify patients of outstanding forms.


Allow patients the option to complete forms on their own device.


Redefine the patient experience

Inside the most powerful kiosk web dashboard.
All at your fingertips.

Instant access to patient contact info and checkins.


Replace the manual check-in process with easy self check-ins.


Patients can sign the forms from their device, or they can print out the forms and have them sign on paper.


Kiosk design is built to match your existing office branding.

Digitize your treatment plans and present via app.

Still printing treatment plans? Instant syncing of your saved treatment plans from your PMS allows you to present treatment to your patients on the kisok in live time.

Send patient forms and consents in realtime.

Don’t leave your patient waiting in the chair. Patients can sign consents directly from the kisok. Even better, we’ll automatically write those back into your PMS!

Upload and Manage Patient Photos and IDs


Easily upload photos for kiosk and PMS use.


Upload and store ID and insurance cards.


Save time and effort!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is the PbN Kiosk?

    A secure web portal that provides patients a seamless way to check-in, complete forms, and even sign consents – all in one spot!

  • How much does it cost to use the Kiosk?

    The Kiosk is included with Grow Bundle. A complete outline of the pricing packages available on our PbN pricing page.

  • How do I use the Kiosk in the office?

    Access the Kiosk from a registered device and search by patient name. If they have an appointment scheduled within the next 2 hours, the Kiosk will notify them of any pending forms and allow the patient to complete those right from the Kiosk. You can also pull up any form, consent, or treatment plan directly from the Kiosk. All of our forms will sync back to your PMS once they are completed by the patient.

  • Does the Kiosk support other device formats?

    Yes. The Kiosk is accessible from any web-based browser. It will work on iPads, tablets, even a desktop or laptop.