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Support Your Patient
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Get the leading software for busy dental practices that helps you streamline communication and provide amazing patient experiences.

Why Have a Patient CRM?

It’s simple: an up-to-date patient relationship management system (often referred to as a PRM, patient CRM, and/or patient engagement software) is critical to running any successful dental practice. The greater your personalized communications, the more you can enhance your communications with patients through a timely, automated, personalized, proactive outreach.

Improve Patient Relationships

With an all-encompassing solution, you can automate reminders, communications, and other forms of outreach so patients know you’re always thinking of them.

Maximize Office Efficiency

The right software reduces strain on your front office, streamlining paperwork, appointment cancellations and reminders, and more – so your staff can focus on the patients at your practice.

Deliver Personalized Communications

The right technology allows you to deliver the best service each time a patient interacts with your practice, whether it be a timely reminder or helpful phone call.

Through an automated software, you can essentially ‘set it and forget it’ – meaning you don’t have to manually track when to follow-up with patients for their next appointment, to follow-through with their treatment plan, or to wish them a happy birthday for a personalized touch. The system handles all of this information for you, so you can keep patient communications going 24/7.

The Practice By
Numbers Difference

Though there are many patient CRMs out there on the market today, there are many unique features that Practice By Numbers delivers that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Through our unique technology, our system is designed smart – so you can focus on the patients at your practice and the system handles the rest. The Practice By Numbers system is programmed specifically to know when you should add a patient into a follow-up sequence, and when to remove them from the sequence (based on an action they take or inactivity, to avoid being bothersome).


Rest easy knowing your most sensitive and important patient data are kept safe and compliant.


Patients expect immediacy, or they’ll look for a dentist elsewhere. Easily communicate with patients through safe, reliable two-way texting.


Immediately see a patient profile when the phone rings to show an immense amount of information about the caller, all at-a glance through Phone IQ.


The system automatically knows when to reach out to patients for a follow-up, confirmation, and more- so you don’t have to.


Create your own campaigns based on a specific set of criteria so you can reach exactly the group of patients you wish to target.


Organize patient information all in one safe and secure place to deliver exceptional patient care that builds trust and loyalty.


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Rich Marlett, CIO, Atlas Dentistry

Game Changer
This software is a game changer. It gives an unprecedented look into your practice’s numbers.

Top 6 Reasons To Get The Practice By Numbers Patient CRM Today

Why wait? Dental practices everywhere are switching to Practice by Numbers for their
transparent, seamless, and intuitive software that helps them
keep patient appointments and communications streamlined 24/7.


Attract, Acquire, and Retain Patients

Through a comprehensive system you can easily track where patients are every step of the way, grow and foster relationships, and ensure patient loyalty.


Greater Efficiency

Save your office staff time on patient reminders, recalls, follow-ups, and so much more – in just a few clicks or less.


Immediate Transparency

When a patient calls, immediately view must-have information about the patient including benefits remaining, patient history, and more.


Completely Customizable

Your patient relationship software is completely customized to your specific dental practice’s needs – so you make it work for you.


Intuitive and User-friendly

Your front office staff will enjoy the ease in which they can automate, control, and view information about patients in a safe and controlled system.


Maximize Relationships, Maximize ROI

Let’s face it, the greater your relationships with patients, the more they stay loyal and come back regularly. Through our stateofthe-art software, we make reminders and consistent communication easy and intuitive.

Patient Follow-Ups:
Our System Plans Ahead
So You Don’t Have To!

With Practice By Numbers, the system adds each patient into a follow-up sequence from the CRM to ensure they’re in continual communication with your practice – which builds loyalty and a relationship. It helps your practice appear up-to-date and ‘on top of it’ – giving patients the gentle reminders and information that they need to keep their oral health in tip-top shape, while you maximize the success of your practice.

You can add as many as 10 follow-ups for each patient, including:



Help encourage patients to come back to your practice for continued care to ensure their oral hygiene is optimized


Unscheduled treatment

Follow-up with patients who have a treatment that they should move forward on, but may have forgotten


Cancelled appointments

Reach patients who have cancelled their appointment but haven’t yet scheduled another yet to ensure they see you regularly


Failed appointments

If a patient misses an appointment, it’s critical they see you to ensure their oral health stays as healthy as possible



Activate old patients who may have gone dark, and offer them a special to come back to your practice


Post-operative instructions

Easily share information to a patient regarding an upcoming procedure to ensure they heal quickly and thoroughly


Birthday wishes

Send a personalized touch and build relationships through birthday wishes with a kind note and special offer


Holiday Wishes

Let patients know you’re thinking of them during the season of giving through a special offer, and encourage them to see your practice