StoneRidge Dental finds All-In-One Solution with Practice by Numbers.

It does it all. It just does absolutely everything in one program. And you don’t find a lot of programs that do everything well. Yours does.”

– Dr. Nathan Saydyk, StoneRidge Dental


collected with PbN Payments since Feb 2022.


increase in Hygiene Pre-Appointment rate.


increase in New Patient Pre-Appointment rate.

The Challenge

See how StoneRidge Dental streamlined operations and
improved patient experience with a comprehensive software solution.

StoneRidge Dental is a General & Cosmetic Dentistry practice in Gilbert, AZ, specializing in full mouth and cosmetic tooth reconstructions. Since purchasing the practice in 2008, Dr. Saydyk has designed the whole office around creating a friendly environment where patients feel welcome and comfortable.

StoneRidge Dental tried multiple software services in their search for a complete solution. The front office had to switch back and forth between different systems and the platforms they had were not integrating well with their practice management system. Both of these resulted in extra manual work for the office.

The Solution:

See how Dr. Saydyk streamlined operations at StoneRidge Dental with the
comprehensive Grow bundle from Practice by Numbers.

Dr Saydyk began looking for a better reporting system, which led him to Practice by Numbers.

“My initial reaction was, man, this does everything I wanted to do. It checks every single box that I wanted it to complete for me, and I can take three or five bills and make them into one bill, and still have everything that I need.” – Dr. Saydyk

Even though he’d started off just looking for analytics, Dr Saydyk decided the Grow bundle with Practice by Numbers was the best option for his office. He was able to consolidate all the platforms StoneRidge Dental was using for analytics, patient communication, reviews, online scheduling, online payments…and to add on some additional features they didn’t have before, like patient forms, unscheduled treatment campaigns and post-op instructions.

The Result:

Discover how StoneRidge Dental improved their analytics with Practice IQ, providing customizable performance dashboards.

Before PbN, Dr. Saydyk wasn’t getting the kind of data he needed from his analytics software.

“All the ones that we tried…you couldn’t customize the reports. And then the reports that came to you were just massive lists. You couldn’t break them apart and break them into tasks as easily.”

With Practice IQ from Practice By Numbers, Dr. Saydyk now has access to customizable dashboards that deliver a full, 360-degree view of how StoneRidge Dental is performing in all aspects.

Uncover the features utilized by StoneRidge Dental to enhance their practice with Practice by Numbers.

Online Scheduling

StoneRidge Dental switched to PbN’s online scheduling system, which functioned properly and received positive feedback from patients.

It was a headache and didn’t work well. I’d pretty much written off Online Scheduling, until I saw you guys were doing it”

Online Payments

PbN’s online payment system is a favorite feature for StoneRidge Dental because it saves time and is convenient for both the office and patients.

That’s been super helpful, because it saves me time when I don’t have to chase down people and they can just pay online. A lot of times, I’ll get to their name on my list, and it’s already paid! So it really saves me time.”

Online Forms

PbN’s patient forms feature is appreciated by Dr. Saydyk and Anaya for saving time and integrating smoothly with their document center.

The fact that I can have this form, it works every time, I can send it to an iPad in my office and have them fill it out. And then it goes into the Document”

The Benefits:

Reaped the rewards of successful implementation

Since implementing Practice by Numbers in February 2022, StoneRidge Dental has been able to consolidate at least 6 services (Analytics, Patient Communication, Online Scheduling, Online Payments, Patient Forms, and Reviews) into a single platform. By streamlining these processes with a system that fully integrates with their Practice Management Software, they’ve seen an increase in employee engagement, patient satisfaction, and patient retention.

The Next Steps:

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